Modern Parents Messy Kids { mindful living, effortless style }

Modern Parents Messy Kids { mindful living, effortless style }

Who We Are

Hi there, I’m Steph, momma to two toddlers and the founder and managing editor of Modern Parents Messy Kids (MPMK for short).  Here my team and I provide daily inspiration to thousands of parents on simplifying, connecting, and living well.

Our motto, “mindful living, effortless style” translates to creative playtime activities, stimulating parenting discussions, clever organizational tips, DIY projects and even some fresh style finds.

What We Do

At MPMK, we’re all about being in the moment and doing our best to live the good life – whilst always allowing room for imperfection.

To give you a better sense of us, below are 11 things you will (and will not) find here.

  1. You won’t find reviews of “must have” toys with lots of bells and whistles, but will find a recipe for the softest, best smelling DIY play dough ever as well as an explanation of how and why play dough play is beneficial to your kids.
  2. You find won’t find complicated recipes, but will find our free 6 Week Meal Plan (complete with shopping lists) as well as our emergency meal plan for those especially hairy weeks.
  3. You won’t find a post on teaching your baby to read (blech!), but you will find one on How to Talk to Your Kids.
  4. You won’t find a tutorial on how to dress like a Kardashian, but will find one on How to Build a Re-mixable Wardrobe on the cheap.
  5. You won’t find tips on keeping your kids tidy, but you will find instructions for building you very own creativity center as well as how to set up a sensory box in your living room.
  6. You won’t find a post on How I Organized My ENTIRE Life, but you will find quite a few tips for simplifying yours.
  7. You won’t find any thoughts on how to throw the most elaborate (and expensive) kid party known to man, but you will find a few on establishing family birthday rituals.
  8. You won’t find narratives on what perfect mothers we are, but you will find one on How to Maintain Your Zen When the Kids Have Lost Their Ever-Loving Minds.
  9. You won’t find a DIY on how to make a Thanksgiving hand turkey, but you will find instructions on pulling together a Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland or some 3D Halloween Spider Sacks.
  10. You won’t find any posts pushing a single parenting agenda but you’ll see plenty, such as our Make Like a Montessori Mama series, exploring the spectrum of parenting and learning philosophies.
  11. You won’t find a recap of the latest Toddlers & Tiaras episode, but you will find a virtual parenting book club.

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