Mountain Buggy Mini

When the Mountain Buggy Mini arrived at our doorstep I may or may not have done an overly excited happy dance. I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for Mountain Buggy’s newest stroller innovation. Could it stand up to the quality of the Mountain Buggy lineup? It was after all, much lighter than the other models (an airy 18 lbs to be exact) and a bit more streamlined than its hike-ready brethren. Soon enough I would find that it not only stood up to the rest, it rose to every occasion that we tested it with and passed with flying colors.

Designed with city dwellers in mind, the MB Mini boasts an ultra-lightweight aluminum frame that is perfect for coming and going on the shortest or longest of errands. Paired with its size and its single-hand fold capabilities make for ultra-fast set up and take down even with an armload of groceries and a weighty diaper bag. Its convenient city-friendly size becomes especially apparent with its compact fold that stands on its own and locks itself into place, easy to slide into a closet and out of the way in an apartment or small living space. This easy-to-fold, easy-to-store feature was especially great for someone who loves to keep the house as organized as possible amidst the chaos of toys and bouncers and everything else that comes with baby.

Part of the thing that made the MB Mini so lovely is its smooth maneuverability, the full swivel front wheel paired with the 10 inch back wheels made even dodging people in the height of Christmas shopping madness at the mall as easy as could be. Rolling on aerotech tires, which Mountain Buggy describes as, “a unique hybrid blend of EVA and rubber tires, lightweight aerotech offers you the best of both worlds in ride, maneuverability and durability, as well as being maintenance free”. The tires did well on every terrain we encountered from parks to trails to city streets.

I could go on for days about the perks the MB Mini has but as I assume no one has time for a short novel I will keep some points brief, I loved:

  •  The roomy basket: Plenty of space to toss my giant diaper bag, a light grocery trip, etc.
  •  The sun visor: I didn’t even notice it at first it was so conveniently tucked away but it definitely does the job when you need it.
  •  The mesh peek-a-boo flap & mesh back: The peek-a-boo flap is always nice and has no loud Velcro to wake Little up, the mesh back makes its appearance when you recline the seat making it extremely airy and comfortable on the hottest of days (there is also fabric that covers the mesh when need be)
  •  The seat: Comfy, cushy and secure. Little was extremely comfortable and didn’t want to get out!
  •  Overall look and style: Let’s face it looks and style aren’t everything but they sure are wonderful. I really loved how streamlined and chic the MB Mini was, not only could I go anywhere with it but I felt like I could go anywhere in style.

Overall there wasn’t a place that I wanted something more or different from the MB Mini. It quickly proved that it was versatile under all circumstances and its lightweight yet extremely robust features make it a necessary addition to anyone’s stroller lineup.

Like the rest of the Mountain Buggy range, mini has been cleverly engineered with perfect weight distribution in mind. Not only is the maneuverability world class, but the handle weight needed (which allows you to ‘pop’ up the front wheel for curb hopping) has been optimized for easy city performance.

By tailoring light curb pop for the city parent, Mountain Buggy has successfully produced the lightest stroller yet, and has not compromised on their strong heritage, quality or performance. Yes, Mountain Buggy now offers a one handed fast fold, but they also offer so much more. Mountain Buggy Mini is specifically for inner urban dwellers. Everything about it is intentionally light, nifty and easy. It’s not a question of why would they design a city adventurer; it’s a question of why wouldn’t they?

  • One-hand fast fold with an auto-frame lock.
  • Aerotech tires, which is a blend of EVA with a hollow inner
  • Tail free harness
  • Flip out mesh sun visor
  • Mesh back
  • Carseat and bassinet compatible
  • Compatible with all Swift accessories

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  1. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    I own a city select and a city mini … And now somehow (!) ended up with a babylove adventurer umbrella stroller as well… Lol and i am feeling a bit guilty… I know im not the only one i have read alot about mums owning several strollers for different occasions.. But after owning a city mini would i really need an umbrella stroller?? :))

  2. Cliffy N

    preferably not 1 with seats next to each other
    want one with a carseat for baby or a proper bit thatlays flat
    cool ty sunshine really love that 1st one

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